Giovanni's Eatery Located in Detroit, MI

Giovanni's Musical Break Through of 2020 and What's To Come!

The John Giovanni name hit the music scene in a big way making is official entrance to the the artist light after the 2017 release of his debut mixtape "Patience?" On September 6th 2020 the music video for Can't Be Yo Boyfriend was released and as of January 19th 2021 is at 17,000 views on YouTube! Can't Be Yo Boyfriend is just one half of His 2 song Ep "I Am Giovanni" The follow up track Ride For Me Video is yet to be released, but based on the successes of his other videos Alone & Giovanni 1030 Session we can expect some great things! As an independent artist the Curator of the G has accumulated about 45,000 views in just 4 short months! 2021 looks like it's gonna be Big!